General Contracting


Kendrick Brothers assigns an in-house Project Manager and a full time superintendent with no geographical limitations, all projects monitored by the most state of the art accounting and tracking system with total accountability on every line item. Everything from licensing, permitting and all ADA regulated requirements, we will have direct communications with all state and local municipalities, providing value engineering, planning, compliance with zoning and all regulatory agencies along with coordination with all subcontractors and vendors whether it be based on a hard dollar cost or bid negotiation basis. We take a straightforward approach in our bidding selection of subcontractors for cost, quality and past project performance, with very specific selection criteria that we demand.

"Kendrick Brothers Construction's knowledge and understanding of adherence to corporate identity as well as material and equipment standards while solving the needs of individual franchises is a key ingredient to their success. The combination of all these traits allows KBC to successfully build at several locations simultaneously."

-Douglas Miller,

Manager of Design & Planning,

BP America