Lease Reviews


In almost each project with a client that is adherent to a lease involved agreement, Kendrick Brothers finds frequently that there are varied issues typically found in most leases. Thus most often than not, we can spare our clients of unnecessary dollars in savings, coupled with removing many headaches over the course of their lease agreement. Kendrick Brothers stands by this because of their specific on staff years of expertise and experiences it has had with lease agreements. This statement is founded with hands on involvement in each project. This could vary from drains, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, roofing, common area maintenance and much more, not excluding tenant improvement and shared costs to you, the customer.

"Kendrick Brothers Construction's knowledge and understanding of adherence to corporate identity as well as material and equipment standards while solving the needs of individual franchises is a key ingredient to their success. The combination of all these traits allows KBC to successfully build at several locations simultaneously."

-Douglas Miller,

Manager of Design & Planning,

BP America