Kendrick Brothers Construction Company

is a licensed General Contractor in states throughout the country. All of our subcontractors are pre-qualified for financial stability, experience, current license and insurance status. Additionally, we confirm the good standing status of all subcontractors with the Professional Licenses Division in each state we work within.


Kendrick Brothers Construction Company carries all necessary licenses and insurances required to serve your construction and management needs.


Licenses License #
B100 229463-5001
California 012094
Arizona B-01 ROC122454
Idaho RCE-21977


Insurance Coverage
Cobb Strecker Dunphy & Zimmerman
General Liability Insurance
Worker’s Compensation Fund of Utah Workman’s Comp


“KBC’s ability to expertly handle all phases of the project from design to construction to equipment and signage procurement has enabled them to provide a comprehensive service to our franchisees. This service has saved our franchisees money, time and headaches. With confidence, I can highly recommend KBC to anyone needing a project completed in an expedient, cost effective and professional manner.”

-Mike Cooper,

Operations Manager,
Restaurant Developers Corp.