Design Build

What is Design-Build?

Design-Build is an integrated delivery process wherein absolute accountability is placed upon KBC as the master builder of both the design and construction of your building. As master builder we take on the responsibilities of chief architect, engineer and builder all molded into one. We orchestrate the integration of a conceptual design with functional performance in the designing and building of your project. Throughout each step or phase, we direct skilled craftsmen using state-of-the-art and time-tested materials to control every aspect to produce an enduring finished structure.

Benefits of Design-Build

The desing-build method can create big cost savings for the owner. The combined effects of carrying a construction loan, which typically carries a higher interest rate than permanent financing, and an earlier move-in date usually yields considerable savings.

Other important aspec of the design-build approach include:

Enhanced Communication

Because the design parameters of a project are developed simutaneously with budgetary goals and construction conditions, a project is more likely to be considered “successful” as compared to projects developed using only a pure design approach. Our clients have greater access to the "team" working on their project as is being developed. This efficiency is not a negative "short cut" as a rule, but rather the keystone to the success of KBC’s Design-Build approach.


Rather than a parcelized level of responsibility of the classic design-bid-build process, design-build provides an integrated solution for the client. This moves projects away from the "finger-pointing" that is often commonplace in contemporary construction projects, and allows you to look to the one entity, KBC, with any questions or concerns.

Value Engineering

Typically, in order for a contractor to bid on a project, very specific details relating to the methods and materials must be given to avoid any uncertainty and to make an "apples to apples" comparison of bids. In our design-build approach, the client, architects, consultants, and KBC can work together to determine what methods and materials will maximize the owner's value. Through a collaborative process, every aspect of design and construction of your projects can be evaluated and discussed prior to construction beginning. Materials, designs, utilities, technologies, even construction methods are considered in an effort to yield the highest possible return on investment, and in some cases significant tax savings, for the client.

Minimizes Change Orders

The design-build process works to reduce costly change orders through thorough planning prior to the beginning of construction.

Single Source

Instead of having several contractors and consultants, KBC’s clients have just one entity to deal with. Design revisions, project feedback, budgeting, permitting, construction issues, change orders, and billing can all be routed through us. This single point of contact allows a certain degree of flexibility for clients. KBC leverages this flexibility for its customers benefit by continually refining our construction programs to maximize your value at the completion of the project.

"Kendrick Brothers Construction's knowledge and understanding of adherence to corporate identity as well as material and equipment standards while solving the needs of individual franchises is a key ingredient to their success. The combination of all these traits allows KBC to successfully build at several locations simultaneously."

-Douglas Miller,

Manager of Design & Planning,

Did You Know?
Almost 70% of traditional contracts end up over budget, compared to design-build.
KBC contracts more often come up within budget